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7/17/2017 08:59:00 PM

I’d been wanting to purchase a Button up Striped dress for so long and after I wrote this wishlist post on my love for pastel colors this season, I ended up buying this dress. It’s all the things I love this season in one-pastel orange, linen, and striped. I'm so inspired by vintage stripes lately. 

I got stopped about every 10 minutes at the market with people asking me where it was from. David made me giggle on the way home when he told me that he saw lots of woman “oh-la-la-ing with their eyes at my dress all morning”. Ha! It also comes in a blue version, a red version and a green version here.

Also, how cute are these shoes! I mean, what can I say. They kind reminds me of barbie style 😻
They are going with almost every outfit which Is also supercool. 💕

Button Up Striped Cami Dress - HERE

                                                                 Kesha - Praying | Cover ♡


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