Walking through Lesnes Abbey

8/16/2018 01:40:00 am

We try and get out on a walk while it's clear because we never know when it may start raining again! 🌦 I love spending time in this beautiful park. It's give me so much inspiration for writing new music tracks. 

It’s the perfect spot to perch up for the afternoon with a picnic in tow and a bottle of champaign. We arrived towards the end of the day, just as golden hour started to hit and the crowds dwindled down. If you’re heading out there, they have a handful of picnic benches and seating around the grass.

I'm in love in Yoins floral dress  😍  Yoins have amazing choice of dresses and always have sales so I spend most time there haha :) 
What I also like is that they have affordable prices and this floral dress was less the £10 ! They give me 15% off on purchase with this code 'Blog15' so you can use it too. Welcome 😉 Definitely check Yoins and you will find something for yourself.

Now I'm back in the studio 🎶 Currently recording new tracks for upcoming projects!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I need to get back outside and go on walks. Your dress is super cute.