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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Gerard Cosmetics | Andrea Krux

One of my absolute favourite lip glosses is the Gerard Cosmetics  glosses, because of the colours, long wear, shine, and packaging.  Lip glosses are all on sale for $ 10 HERE
I thought I would share a few other things from them that I use all the time and love.  The brow bar is something I use everyday in my makeup routine, and I'm yet to find a brow product I like more. The colours in the palette match my brows perfectly.BB Plus Illumination Facial Cream is a liquid illuminator. It costs $ 29  The amount you get is 50ml. I am in love in this illuminator! He even took the throne of my all time favourite Mary Lou Manizer-in. It needs to be very little, gently pats of the peaks of the cheekbone and get a very natural glow. It needs very little for the desired effect so I think that is worth its price.

Also there is a lightening whitening pen to whiten teeth HERE Price is $ 29
I put it when I go to sleep and in the morning when I get up just wash teeth. And there's a whole set of whitening lightening where you get the led lamp that helps in whitening teeth HERE Price is $ 40 . 

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