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Friday, 12 May 2017

PINK BOW shoes

              Asos Pink top HERE /Dresslily Pink bow shoes HERE // Zara backpack HERE
             /Zara skirt- unfortunately sold out

Judging by the items in my closet, it’s pretty obvious to tell my favourite colour is pink – specifically light pink! It’s such a light and feminine colour that I consider it a neutral. Just like I’m drawn to black and white items when I’m shopping, I seem to always end up at the check out with a blush coloured something. Today I'm wearing this beautiful pink shoes from Dresslily Here. This big bows on shoes are so adorable! 😍
They have amazing items on online store so make sure to check this white dresses which I love so much HERE . I mean, I can watch all day this dresses and still i can't decided which to choose because they are all amazing!
I hope you have amazing day,
Thanks for reading 💋

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