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11/28/2017 01:14:00 am

Loungewear Cami Dress With Kimono - Pink M

Beading Flare Sleeve Coat With Pockets - Pink S

Crew Neck Beading Sweater - Pink

Handmade Round Fuzzy Ball Cloche Hat - Pink

I't is finally winter season so today I have winter Zaful wishlist for you. You know already how much I love pink colour and Zaful have pretty good collection of pink items.
I'm so in love in this Loungewear Cami Dress With Kimono   I think it's so feminine and romantic. I could already see myself wearing this when I get ready and do my makeup & hair.  I think we all can agree that this Beading Flare Sleeve Coat With Pockets   is the most perfect coat I have ever seen in my life! Honestly, I have fetish on anything with ruffles.  Crew Neck Beading Sweater is so feminine and chic. I love this little pearls it give such nice touch to sweater.  I'm so happy that J.O style is back because I really love 50's & 60's so much and this Handmade Round Fuzzy Ball Cloche Hat is adorable! It's perfectly going with flare sleeve coat. 

Also, Zaful have Christmas active promotion so check that now!

I hope every one have a really good Cyber Monday shopping! You can still shop this items they are still on sale. Let me know which one is your favourite. 
Stay tuned on Instagram (@andreakruxto see more pics! ♡ 

Thank you for reading!

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