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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Mini heart pavlovas recipe (Valentines day edition)

Hi ladies, since Valentine's day is coming I decide to share with you my Pavlovas recipe (Valentine's day edition) Pavlova has become a family and friends favourite. I have made and served a several times since Valentine's day. Love,love,love! 

  • 5 Large Egg Whites
  • 1 cup of Sugar
  • 1 tsp of White Wine Vinegar or balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tsp of Corn Starch
  • 1/2 tsp of Vanilla Extract
  • 1/4 tsp of Salt

For the cream:
  • 1 cup of Heavy Cream or Fresh double cream
  • 2 Tbsp of Powdered Sugar

For the topping:
  • blueberries, raspberries, strawberries 

    1) Preheat the oven to 150 Celsius. 

    2) On two pieces of parchment paper, draw about 9 heart shapes with pencil on one side of the parchment paper. The pavlova does spread a little so I made the heart shapes small enough so that it would still be good sized but not poof out past the heart shape.  When I did my first pavlova I spread way too far when baking.  A little trick for keeping the parchment paper to stay ( it slides all over when spreading the meringue into the heart shape) is to dab a little under the corners so it “glues” to the baking sheet.

    2) In the bowl of a standing mixer fitted with a whisk attachment (make sure your bowl and attachment are extremely clean with no grease residue anywhere otherwise the egg whites won't whip) beat the egg whites until they start becoming foamy. Add the salt and whisk until it's starts developing stiffer peaks.

    3) With the beater running, gradually add in the sugar, one Tbsp at a time, beat until it becomes thick and glossy and the sugar has dissolved.

    4) Using a spatula, fold in the vanilla, cornstarch and vinegar, being careful not to deflate the egg whites.

    5) Spoon this mixture in the center of the heart shape you’ve drawn on the parchment paper (be sure to use the opposite side of the parchment paper from the pencil as not to get graphite in your batter), and using either a spoon or a piping bag fitted with a star tip.

    6) Bake the pavlovas for about 25 minutes. Turn the oven off and open the oven door slightly to let them cool in the oven completely.

    7) In a small saucepan, add the fruits and cook it over medium heat for only one minute or until it warms up and becomes runny. 

    8) In a large bowl, whisk the heavy cream until it forms soft peaks, add the sugar and continue to whisk until it forms stiff peaks.

    9) Spoon the cream in the center of each little pavlova and drizzle the fruit jam that you heat all over the top. 

    Serve immediately! 

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Pretty in Intimates

If you're looking for the perfect pair or classic, girly, satin intimates, then you needn't look any further.  Loungewear Cami Dress With Kimono is perfection for sleeping. The pale pink kimono and cami dress set are so cute and girly, but the white lace trim gives it a subtle sexiness. They are so beautiful to the touch, and feel so lovely on your skin, they really are the nicest to wear in bed, and of course for lounging around looking pretty. 

Super feminine and flirty, very sophisticated but still young and cute- just how you know I love it! I have honestly worn these so much since I got them, they are just so classic and glamorous and I feel so much better waking up and ready to slay the day in the morning in something gorgeous like this rather than an old t-shirt!  Zaful have amazing Intimates and for very affordable prices so check out my favorite Shop!

Now moving on to this cutest Heart faux fur house slippers  , and I'm not kidding when I say this has got to be one of the prettiest things I have ever seen! The beautiful fluffy fur with the prettiest pink hearts on the top I just love it!  Rosegal have big sale so you can buy it now for $12 Seriously, I'm in love.

So if you hadn't already gathered, I am one true fan of  Zaful & Rosegal. Their beautiful designs are second to none, the product quality is fantastic and fits to perfection. I hope I've given you some night time inspo! It really is a love of mine, and I feel like it doesn't get talked about enough on the blogging scene. More intimates pleeeease! 

Also  If you like anything on Rosegal shop use my special discount code: RGLOVEIG2 over 20$ and it applies to other promotions! 

I really hope you enjoyed this post! 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Today's post is all about Gamiss makeup brushes under £9  This gorgeous set of 6 face brushes are super luxe and will look fabulous on any beauty-lover’s vanity table. It comes in 7 different colours so you can choose your favourite colour.  I am obsessed with these new brushes and you should be too, they are truly gorgeous. Quality is amazing (not cheap looking) trust me!  Each brush handle has a unique rose shaped design, which means your set will be unique to you! Gamiss have the best affordable makeup brushes so hurry up it is almost sold out! 

So yesterday I make my new channel so make sure to subscribe HERE
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Monday, 1 January 2018

Reflecting on 2017 : Favorite Moments, Life Lessons & 2018 Goals

Favorite moments of 2017

I shot this post for Croatia column "Moda.Hr" HERE

First collaboration with @Fashionmia and @Zaful HERE

Collaboration for the first time with Zaful HERE

I Finally got Master of Arts degree 👩🏼‍🎓

First collaboration with @dresslily HERE

First time we have been on vacation together independent of anyone 💕

Celebrating my 27. birthday on vacation 🍰🎈

Collaboration with Gerard Cosmetics

First collaboration with Rosegal HERE

Most liked Instagram pic 2,319 k

We moved to London 

This is pic from airport when we were boarding on plane for London

First collaboration with Gamiss HERE and waking up at 5 am for this photo :)

For the first time I visit my dream place for sipping coffee "Aubaine Selfridges "
I was looking that place for a year and dreaming to visit one day and now I did it!

My cover of Sia's song Santas Coming For Us have now 9,498 views !!! And it's right under Sia music official video! That is Crazy :)

Collaborations with GK hair brand HERE 

We were been on best date ever!!! HERE

We were been for the first time in Madame Tussauds London :)

I also make  34 videos on YouTube HERE +
10 original tracks on Soundcloud HERE & many orders for composers 
 This year I promise I will do more!!

We are celebrating our 5 year of relationship and celebrating our first New year in London!!
Life wouldn't be life without you, my dearest friend and lover. ♡

2017 was a crazy year! Can you believe it is already over? I learned so much about life and myself this year!  Looking back at this year, David and I had sooo many ups and downs, it was a total roller coaster (and the ups were waaay bigger than downs )!

Since we entered this business so many awesome beautiful crazy things happened, things we couldn't even imagine in our wildest dreams and I'm so excited to see where the next years will lead us! 

This year we moved to London solely depending on what we create (composing, singing and fashion), we started few business ventures together, met so many awesome and beautiful people, fell so many times and went back fighting with even bigger passion, discovered countless new possibilities and opportunities, expanded our perspectives towards basically everything and wow! We are living in London!!! 😂😂      What a year!! 😁      

So grateful for everything and more than happy to live this life, here and now. Cheers to even crazier 2018! 😁😎🎉🎇🎆🍰🍸🍹🥂🍻🍾      and p.s. to everyone else still strugling and hustling - DONT STOP FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS, its going to be painful most of the road, but the achieved milestones will hit you with so much adrenaline that everything will seem possible. 

2018 GOALS

  • FIND BALANCE with life + work
  • *Try* to be more of a morning person – and not a crazy night owl
  • Attempt to clean out my inbox + unsubscribe from alllll the things
  • Nourish my spiritual relationship
  • Workout regularly
  • Think twice before complaining
  • Be one of those people who carries a water bottle around everywhere
  • Cook more and eat in more often
  • More singing & composing (a lot more)
  • Expand business 
  • Get I tones of new clients
  • Be more organized 
  • Earn more money

Love you all and wish you awesome and crazy happy New Year! 
xx mini Krux family