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Gamiss rose gold brushes

1/13/2018 08:23:00 pm

Any beauty lover will tell you, if there’s one thing you cannot have too much of, it’s makeup and makeup brushes! Today I'm talking about Gamiss rose gold makeup brushes. This set is the combination of 8 useful brushes for face and eye makeup which can easily nail your go-to look every day.

Quality of this gorgeous makeup brushes is beyond amazing! I love how much soft they are and it doesn't look like they are sintetic at all. With this brushes makeup will look stunning on you I promise. They are now on sale for $11

Now moving on to this acrylic brush holder, and trust me, when this holder came, I was so surprise how pretty design of this holder is. It look's like it's made of glass but it's just good quality of plastic.
This brush holder is also on sale for $11 so hurry up! 

Gamiss have amazing sets of makeup brushes and I promise you, once you start looking their brushes you cannot easy decide which one is right for you because they are all so pretty!

Also  If you like anything on Rosegal shop use my special discount code: RGLOVEIG2 over 20$ and it applies to other promotions! 

 I wish you all a lovely weekend! 
Andrea Krux

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  1. wow this is so cool! i need to get this :D