2018 Goals

Reflecting on 2017 : Favorite Moments, Life Lessons & 2018 Goals

1/01/2018 01:56:00 pm

Favorite moments of 2017

I shot this post for Croatia column "Moda.Hr" HERE

First collaboration with @Fashionmia and @Zaful HERE

Collaboration for the first time with Zaful HERE

I Finally got Master of Arts degree 👩🏼‍🎓

First collaboration with @dresslily HERE

First time we have been on vacation together independent of anyone 💕

Celebrating my 27. birthday on vacation 🍰🎈

Collaboration with Gerard Cosmetics

First collaboration with Rosegal HERE

Most liked Instagram pic 2,319 k

We moved to London 

This is pic from airport when we were boarding on plane for London

First collaboration with Gamiss HERE and waking up at 5 am for this photo :)

For the first time I visit my dream place for sipping coffee "Aubaine Selfridges "
I was looking that place for a year and dreaming to visit one day and now I did it!

My cover of Sia's song Santas Coming For Us have now 9,498 views !!! And it's right under Sia music official video! That is Crazy :)

Collaborations with GK hair brand HERE 

We were been on best date ever!!! HERE

We were been for the first time in Madame Tussauds London :)

I also make  34 videos on YouTube HERE +
10 original tracks on Soundcloud HERE & many orders for composers 
 This year I promise I will do more!!

We are celebrating our 5 year of relationship and celebrating our first New year in London!!
Life wouldn't be life without you, my dearest friend and lover. ♡

2017 was a crazy year! Can you believe it is already over? I learned so much about life and myself this year!  Looking back at this year, David and I had sooo many ups and downs, it was a total roller coaster (and the ups were waaay bigger than downs )!

Since we entered this business so many awesome beautiful crazy things happened, things we couldn't even imagine in our wildest dreams and I'm so excited to see where the next years will lead us! 

This year we moved to London solely depending on what we create (composing, singing and fashion), we started few business ventures together, met so many awesome and beautiful people, fell so many times and went back fighting with even bigger passion, discovered countless new possibilities and opportunities, expanded our perspectives towards basically everything and wow! We are living in London!!! 😂😂      What a year!! 😁      

So grateful for everything and more than happy to live this life, here and now. Cheers to even crazier 2018! 😁😎🎉🎇🎆🍰🍸🍹🥂🍻🍾      and p.s. to everyone else still strugling and hustling - DONT STOP FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS, its going to be painful most of the road, but the achieved milestones will hit you with so much adrenaline that everything will seem possible. 

2018 GOALS

  • FIND BALANCE with life + work
  • *Try* to be more of a morning person – and not a crazy night owl
  • Attempt to clean out my inbox + unsubscribe from alllll the things
  • Nourish my spiritual relationship
  • Workout regularly
  • Think twice before complaining
  • Be one of those people who carries a water bottle around everywhere
  • Cook more and eat in more often
  • More singing & composing (a lot more)
  • Expand business 
  • Get I tones of new clients
  • Be more organized 
  • Earn more money

Love you all and wish you awesome and crazy happy New Year! 
xx mini Krux family 

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