Zaful Spring wishlist

2/06/2018 07:08:00 pm

February is always a tough month for me... grey clouds, freezing temperatures and not-so-cute Winter outfits start to get me down. It's always around this time of year that I start envisioning spring on the horizon - it honestly helps me get through the month! There are actually some REALLY cute spring pieces from Zaful right now, and I may or may not have ordered *just* a few to help my mental state :) Here are my top picks to get you excited for spring:

I'm not type of girl who loves wearing biker jacket but when I saw this beautiful jacket and that pretty pink colour I was thinking to put it on my Wish list. The price is maybe to much for me $38 but that is why I put it on my wish list so I hope it will be soon on sale. (fingers crossed) :)

This heels are definitely my dream shoes. Details are absolutely stunning. The price is $42 but I would definitely buy this. It comes in black and grey colour as well.

This crossbody bag is just as cute, and I love the rose gold colour.

I don't know why this belt caught my eye. I never wearing this kind of bags but I kinda love it because of this pearls and maybe pink colour. The price is $11

Five //  Eyelash Lace Satin Cami Shorts Pajama Set
I love satin pajama set and this one is gorgeous. I am ordering this set and can't wait to see how it looks. I hope that is great quality because on picture looks amazing. Price is $17

Six // Armhole Striped Skirted Boknot Top
Don't these top just scream happiness? I love the boknot details! 

Seven //  Metal Embellished Tri Fold Wallet
This wallet reminds me of Ted baker wallets because of the heart details and If you know me I'm obsessed with everything that have heart details.

Eight //  Stitched Trim Bustier Tank Top
Okay this top is absolutely amazing. I am ordering this top definitely. Price is $17

Nine // Sporty Drawstring Hoodie With Pants 
Love this combo of hoodie and pants and I would love to have this in my wardrobe because when I'm home I'm always in cozy hoodie so this set would be perfect. Price is $44
Ten //  Textured Knitted Gathered Top 
This top is so cute and I would love to wear this. Price is $24

Eleven // Velvet Bralette Top And Mini Side Zip Skirt
Okay this set is amazing and I would definitely love to wear this on a date with David.
Price is $19

Who else is ready for spring?!


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