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Sunday, 22 July 2018

We're Engaged! + How David Proposed

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We are officially engaged!!! 😭💍💗 I still can't believe it! 
Well, It was supposed to be just a trip in nature and then this happened! 😭💕 After six years of relationship he got down on one knee and propose me In one of the most romantic place in London called Kyoto Garden, Holland Park 😭💕 

Since I do blogging for a few years now, it would be shame not to post one of the most important moments in my life. Today I'm sharing with you our engagement story.

lot of you probably want to know if I knew the engagement was coming and the answer is sort-of! David and I had looked at rings together once and it was maybe couple months ago - he wanted to get my ring finger sized. I think I confused him pretty badly though, because I was telling him spontaneously what kind of ring I would like to have if he propose me one day. At first I wanted a gold solitaire but , then changed my mind to a halo. In the end, I truly had no idea what ring he would end up getting. So I did know that he was buy a ring, both the actual ring and the timing were a surprise. 

In reality, it turns out David had been planning the proposal for couple months! In my country it's tradition to ask girlfriend parents for their permission to marry but we actually don't like so much all typical wedding traditions so we didn't stick to that.  

Anyway, David told me that we must dress up  a little better for tomorrow and that was weird on the first because he never talk like that but I ignore it. After when we came in Park we had a picnic, walking around, taking pictures and I realise that he was sooo weird and sooo nervous I never see him like that. Suddenly he told me in a hurry that we must find some bench to sit but where there is no one. And that was a moment when I realised it must be IT but, I was not sure because with David you never know, he always looking for toilets in park. 😂😂 He was walking so fast I could barely keep up with him! Sure enough, he took me to the bench and we sat down. After the cutest speech I've ever heard, he got down on one knee and I immediately started crying! And of course I said yes!

David is truly my soulmate and best friend all in one and I can't imagine my life without him.My love, best friend & soon husband!! 👰🤵 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Aww I love hearing how you got engaged.