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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

The Hill Garden and Pergola

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Today's post is all about the dreamy photoshoot and our new album 'Garden Of Heaven' volume 2.
But before all let's talk about this dreamy photo shoot. We wanted to have a very similar idea of how the photos should look like as we had last year for our first album 'Beautiful Female Vocals' because the album is continuing to volume 2 and yes, it will be volume 3. but probably next year because at the moment we are working on another different project which is so fun! 

We had that idea for this photoshoot to have a purple background but we didn't have that much time in July to shoot when it was all in full bloom so I was searching something green and found this magical place in Hampstead Heath. Definitely it was a good choice for photos but the one thing we didn't know that it's a lot of walking to get there especially if you don't have a car so it's one minus for that, but trust me it was all worth it. We were so happy how the photos came out and honestly, I don't know what will I do without my fiance. He was amazing all that time during this photoshoot and he actually edits all the photos and I'm very blast to have him! Also, I was the editor for the album cover and I'm pretty much happy how it all came out with everything and finally the album is here for listening! Yayyy! :D 

David and I had such a great time working on this Ambiental album. It consisted of 10 ambient vocal tracks in combination with orchestra and drones. Album is perfect for relaxing, practice yoga or meditation and for easier sleep. I'm more than excited to share this album here too on my blog and hope that you will listen and let me know what do you think. 
I post all the tracks here from SoundCloud website so you can easily listen. Also, album is available for purchase on all digital platforms here

Enjoy listening!


  1. You look stunning.

  2. Thank you so much dear Amy! Have a lovely day :)

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